Bishop Amos Blesses New Station

10/7/2014 - Bishop for the Diocese of Davenport Martin Amos was in Burlington Tuesday morning to say Mass for the students at Burlington Notre Dame School. After Mass, he was invited to walk over just south of Notre Dame to Bless the new KCDM Station and tower, which went on the air last month after more than a year of planning and work to move to a modern facility and begin preparing for another decade on the air. We thank the Bishop for taking the time to sanctify the site and our efforts. 

A Great Day! We Have Moved!

9/15/2014 - Just after it stopped pouring rain this morning we turned the transmitter off and started moving equipment from our old location in St. Pat's School to our new site just south of Notre Dame High School on Roosevelt Avenue. It was wonderful seeing how the community came together and all of the pieces seemed to fall into place. This truly is a dream come true after more than a year of planning and steady work. There are still a few loose ends to get tied up at both studios, but today marks a great milestone for KCDM Radio in Burlington.

It will truly be a joy planning the future of local Catholic Radio for Burlington at our new site. This is a time to be a proud Catholic and to voice our faith in the town square. This day would never have come without our many supporters. Those who have been silently praying, donating, speaking up for Catholic Radio and, of course, our faithful listeners. You have much to be proud of today. 

I believe our Blessed Mother was with us every step of the way. Helping us cooperate with each other to get the job done, sometimes going beyond our comfort zone. She helped allay threatening foul weather and opened the hearts of many generous people who lended their time and talents to our project. 

Keep us in your prayers going forward so the Sorrows of Mary will strengthen us in our sorrows and help us broadcast her Son's Good News around town, to be heard and taken to heart by us all. 

God Bless you all. 

Joe Spillane
Burlington Divine Mercy Association
KCDM Radio, 98.3 FM 


Breakfast of Champions

A heart-felt Thank You to everyone who came to enjoy pancakes, sausage, scrambled eggs, coffee, juice and milk at Saint Paul's after masses Sunday, May 18th. We had an excellent turn-out and raised more money than we could have imagined. Thank you also to all of the wonderful Knights who were there at 6:30 to get everything set up and for those who stayed throughout the morning to cook and serve hungry parishoners to raise money for our radio station. Your support and prayers will keep the project on track and keep God's message blanketing the Burlington area. God Bless everyone and your families.

"Jesus, I trust in You"

April 27, 2014 marks Divine Mercy Sunday, traditionally the Sunday after Easter as requested by Jesus to Sister Faustina between 1931 and 1938. The Lord requested that this Chaplet be said not only by Sr. Faustina, but by others: "Encourage souls to say the Chaplet that I have given you."

On August 18, 2002, Blessed John Paul II consecrated the whole world to the Divine Mercy from The Divine Mercy Sanctuary in Krakow-Lagiewniki, the site of St. Faustina's tomb.

This Divine Mercy Sunday is also a very special day as both Blessed John XXIII and Blessed John Paul II will be cannonized and become saints in a rare double ceremony. The is an extraordinary event in the church and EWTN is planning special coverage on both radio and TV before, during and after this event. 


What is Divine Mercy?

The Message of the Divine Mercy that Sr. Faustina received from the Lord was not only directed toward her personal growth in faith but also toward the good of the people. With the command of our Lord to paint an image according to the pattern that Sr. Faustina had seen, came also a request to have this image venerated, first in the Sisters' chapel, and then throughout the world. The same is true with the revelations of the Chaplet. The Lord requested that this Chaplet be said not only by Sr. Faustina, but by others: "Encourage souls to say the Chaplet that I have given you."

If you would like to learn how to recite the Divine Mercy Chaplet, click on the link under the microphone on this page.


Wrapping Phase I

As winter approaches, the equipment has been moved to its new home on the Notre Dame Campus and is beaming our radio signal to the Burlington area. We still need siding and gutters and are waiting for the grass to sprout so we can get the mud under control, but Phase I of our Revitalization Project is almost complete. We have twice as much room in the new shelter, but we are still using the same electronic equipment that has been live for almost a decade.

In Phase II we plan to update our broadcasting equipment, computers recording equipment. That will enable us to do more with local programming to improve communications to Catholics about what's going on in Burlington. We want to work with the Parishes and Catholic Schools to bring local events directly to the people. 

In Phase III we hope to build an endowment to ensure we can cover operating expenses going forward. Please help us if you are able. Offer your prayers for our continued success if you are not. We know God will provide. We are sure The Holy Spirit has been guiding our efforts so far. God Bless.