Half-way Home

The last week of March marks the half-way point of our Lenten Journey. How are you doing with your preparation for Holy Week and Christ's victory over Sin and Death on Easter Morning. What have you been doing? Planning to attend Daily Mass? Maybe attended The Stations of The Cross on Friday evening? Reading the Bible? Teresa Tomeo tells her radio audience that she believes 'Bible' stands for 'Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth'. EWTN has several Bible Study Challenges that let you read The New Testament or The Gospels in 40 days. It might take a double effort to catch up, but there's still time to start reading the Bible. Finally, Remember, every Catholic is obligated to recieve the Sacrement of Reconciliation during the Lenten Season. Make plans now to attend one of the Communal Confession sessions. You can also attend regularly scheduled Reconciliation on Thursday evening and Saturday morning. See your bulletin for times and places. 

One-year Anniversary

One year ago today, February 28, 2013, now Pope-emeritus Benedict XXIII boarded a helicopter and literally flew into the sunset on his way to Castel Gandalfo to begin his new life after resigning the Chair of Saint Peter, the first Pope to do so in almost 600 years.

In a recent letter to a friend he wrote:  He is “grateful to be bound by a great identity of views and a heartfelt friendship with Pope Francis”, and sees his “last and final job to support his pontificate with prayer.” (See full story)

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, continue to pray for Benedict as he serves the Church in prayer and for the continued blessing of Pope Francis XVI's leadership of all Catholics around the World. May God continue to Bless both men and their mission. 

Septuagesima (70th) Sunday

February 16, 2014, in the traditional Roman calendar, is Septuagesima (70th) Sunday. It is now 7 weeks before Easter, or 2 weeks before Lent. Are you making your plans?

Click here to a read a short blog item by Fr Z on the subject.

Have you heard of burying the Alleluia. At 1st Vespers on Septuagesima Sunday afternoon/evening the Alleluia is heard for the last time until the Easter resurrection. A quote from Fr Z's blog: "To inspire a good start of Pre-Lent, here are The Monks at Le Barroux singing their last Alleluia at the end of 1st Vespers."

Lent is coming. What will you do?

Happy Anniversary!

January marks the start of the second decade on the air for KCDM Radio. Our Revitalization Campaign has taken a tremendous amount of time and energy and our efforts are paying off. Thanks to your financial support and prayers, we are close to our goal, but we still need everyone's help. 

If you were on vacation or out of town the weekend of August 10, when we made our presentations during that weekend's masses, please read through the Presentation and have a look at our plan. Anyone who didn't make a pledge is urged to look over your budget, spend some time in quiet prayer and give what you can. Any amount, no matter how small will go a long way as we near our goal. 


What is Divine Mercy?

The Message of the Divine Mercy that Sr. Faustina received from the Lord was not only directed toward her personal growth in faith but also toward the good of the people. With the command of our Lord to paint an image according to the pattern that Sr. Faustina had seen, came also a request to have this image venerated, first in the Sisters' chapel, and then throughout the world. The same is true with the revelations of the Chaplet. The Lord requested that this Chaplet be said not only by Sr. Faustina, but by others: "Encourage souls to say the Chaplet that I have given you."

If you would like to learn how to recite the Divine Mercy Chaplet, click on the link under the microphone on this page.


Making Progress

With all of the regulatory hurdles cleared and an agreement with the Notre Dame School Board signed, we are finally ready to order the new tower and draw plans for a shelter at our new home on the Nortre Dame School Campus. A heart-felt 'Thank You' to everyone who has helped in this effort, including everyone who generously donated during our fund drive last fall. Our fund-raising efforts continue now to ensure we have the money to complete construction and begin Phase II. We are still short of making our final goal but have enough money to complete Phase I, which is the tower and shelter. We will still need to upgrade our computers and equipment and eventually build an endowment to ensure we can cover operating expenses going forward. Please help us if you are able and offer your prayers for our continued success if you are not. We know God will provide.  God Bless.