Bishop Amos Blesses New Station

10/7/2014 - Bishop for the Diocese of Davenport Martin Amos was in Burlington Tuesday morning to say Mass for the students at Burlington Notre Dame School. After Mass, he was invited to walk over just south of Notre Dame to Bless the new KCDM Station and tower, which went on the air last month after more than a year of planning and work to move to a modern facility and begin preparing for another decade on the air. We thank the Bishop for taking the time to sanctify the site and our efforts. 

A Great Day! We Have Moved!

9/15/2014 - Just after it stopped pouring rain this morning we turned the transmitter off and started moving equipment from our old location in St. Pat's School to our new site just south of Notre Dame High School on Roosevelt Avenue. It was wonderful seeing how the community came together and all of the pieces seemed to fall into place. This truly is a dream come true after more than a year of planning and steady work. There are still a few loose ends to get tied up at both studios, but today marks a great milestone for KCDM Radio in Burlington.

It will truly be a joy planning the future of local Catholic Radio for Burlington at our new site. This is a time to be a proud Catholic and to voice our faith in the town square. This day would never have come without our many supporters. Those who have been silently praying, donating, speaking up for Catholic Radio and, of course, our faithful listeners. You have much to be proud of today. 

I believe our Blessed Mother was with us every step of the way. Helping us cooperate with each other to get the job done, sometimes going beyond our comfort zone. She helped allay threatening foul weather and opened the hearts of many generous people who lended their time and talents to our project. 

Keep us in your prayers going forward so the Sorrows of Mary will strengthen us in our sorrows and help us broadcast her Son's Good News around town, to be heard and taken to heart by us all. 

God Bless you all. 

Joe Spillane
Burlington Divine Mercy Association
KCDM Radio, 98.3 FM 

A 'Towering' Achievement

After a year of preparation, the new 80' MUSCO tower has been erected south of the Notre Dame High School. On July 1, 2014, KCDM board members and volunteers assisted as Bruce Veenstra Construction dug a 30-inch diameter hole, 12 feet deep for the foundation of the new tower. While the concrete was curing, volunteers assembled the 80-foot tower and 'wired it for sound' to connect the antenna to the transmitter that will be moved on site once the new shelter is constructed. Work on the shelter is set to begin on July 21st and will take a couple days, with finishing details to be completed during the next couple weeks. If all goes well, we hope to be on-the-air from the new location by mid-August. Thank you to everyone who has helped with prayers, donations, labor and materials so far. We couldn't have come this far without your support. 

Construction has begun

Thanks to Tom Chicken and his Graystone Construction crew, the foundation for the shelter at Notre Dame is finished. We have contacted many local individuals and contractors and everyone has been very gracious with their time and talents, volunteering to help us with the various stages of construction as work progresses. The the tower grounding system and shelter are the next steps. Thank you to everyone who has volunteered to help. 


Matt from Graystone Construction trowels the floor of the new shelter foundation smooth after pouring the concrete on May 15th on the new KCDM broadcast site at Notre Dame High School.

Taking shape at Notre Dame

Plans are coming together for a new radio tower and shelter on the Notre Dame campus in Burlington. We are very excited about how the community has reacted to our relocation effort and are eager to see the actual construction begin. If you haven't had a chance to donate to the new site for KCDM, there is still time. Please help if you can. The future of Catholic Radio in Burlington is very bright. The Holy Spirit has been with us every step of the way and we know he will continue to guide our efforts. God Bless everyone. 


KCDM Board President Joe Spillane stakes out the tentative location for the new tower. It will be located directly south of the south parking lot, next to the baseball diamond. 


The red lines mark the surrounding fence and the yellow tape marks the shelter's location. The shelter will face north, toward the school, with the tower on the east side. 


Joe Spillane places markers within the shelter's footprint to size up the space determine how best to layout the equipment inside the shelter. 


Onward Christian Soldier

January 21, 2014

Our Revitalization Campaign continues marching forward in the new year. During the December meeting of the Burlington Planning and Zoning Board, our request for a Special Use Permit to allow us to locate the tower and shelter on the Notre Dame campus was granted with a unanimous vote. We are grateful for their approval.

The request to move the station, our final regulatory hurdle, is making its way through the Federal Communications Commission.  The FCC has issued our new tower site a number.  We hope to have the subsequent construction permit in hand by the end of the month.

Please keep praying to The Holy Spirit that our Apostolate is supported by the community allowing Catholic Radio to continue in Burlington for another decade. God Bless.

The Power of Prayer

Please keep listening and praying that our Revitalization Campaign is successful. Your prayers are working. The first big hurdle has been cleared. We received word from the Federal Aviation Administration last week that our plans to install an 80-foot tower on the southwest corner of the Notre Dame campus have been approved. Our next hurdle will be getting permission from the Federal Communications Commission to move our current tower. We hear rumors that the government shutdown will slow our application so we pray that it will be resolved soon. The final hurdle is getting a special-use permit from the City of Burlington, which should be a formality once it clears the FAA and FCC. Our fund-raising efforts continue during this process to ensure when all the hurdles have been cleared, we have the money to proceed. We are almost two thirds of the way to making our goal. Thank you to everyone who has given or pledged financial support. God Bless.

Take a minute

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